Foto Übergabe des Staffelstabes von Vater an Sohn

Company history

Since 1995, VARIALUX GmbH has been managed by the Kummerfeldt family. In summer 2005, Gerhard Kummerfeldt used the occasion of the company’s 10th anniversary to pass the baton to his son Christian. Just as was the case in the first generation, the life partner also plays an important role in the new management: Christian’s wife Verena is VARIALUX GmbH’s commercial head and authorised representative.

  • 1936 Founded on the basis of metal moulding technology (hand press technology), manufacturing saucepans, and during the Second World War, steel helmets.
  • 1952 Production of lighting begins. The metal moulding technology enables lampshades and reflectors to be produced.
  • 1970sAlready manufacturing lighting for companies throughout western Europe, thereby acquiring experience in the building lighting sector.
  • 1990Leaves the NARVA association and becomes independent.
  • 1992New shareholders acquire VARIALUX. Financial problems lead to liquidity problems and in 1995 to bankruptcy proceedings.
  • 1995On 1 June 1995, Gerhard Kummerfeldt, a self-employed precision engineer from Hamburg, acquires the company name and manufacturing facilities and brings them into Gerhard Kummerfeldt Holding. His wife and son become co-partners.
  • 1996The company moves into its new administration buildings in Arnsdorf.
  • 199730 August sees the inauguration of the partially newly constructed office and production buildings.
  • 2004From 1 January, transfer of the undertakings of Siemens Medizintechnik Dresden to VARIALUX.
  • 2005The management baton is passed to Gerhard’s son Christian.
  • 2009January: Production of handrails begins.

    September: Introduction of the company’s first own LED circuit boards with integrated starter device technology (for the railway sector).
  • 2010In spring, handrail production is transferred to part of an old warehouse that had previously been rented out.

    This year saw the highest turnover since takeover by the Kummerfeldt family: €7.38m.
  • 2011Due to the purchase of supplementary machines, the old warehouse is converted into a production facility.
  • 2013New neighbours: A new production facility is built in the company grounds, which belong to GK Holding e.K..
    GK Sondermaschinenbau GmbH ( moves in. Thanks to this group of companies’ varied range of services (construction of special machines, plastics processing, electronics), VARIALUX too is able to expand its range.
  • 2018Development and production of new illuminated ceiling panels for the Swedish high speed train X2U.
  • 2020Order for new tailor-made ceiling light fittings for the Zwinger in Dresden.
  • 2021February, 1: the management baton is passed to Ms Sylvia Zscherper. She acquired the shares from Christian und Verena Kummerfeldt and followed Christian Kummerfeldt as managing director. He will assist both the company and Ms Zscherper wherever necessary.